Monday, December 7, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas....

Our awesome candy cane Christmas lights that my Uncle John put up for us.

We love them and think they are gorgeous! Thanks John!

This year's Cedar City trip was so much fun! We all drove down Friday night, and spent the night at Doug and Donna's, who are Paul's aunt and uncle. After a good night's sleep, we all woke up and had an AMAZING breakfast that Donna cooked for us, so delicious! After that, we all bundled up in our snow gear, and drove up the canyon to look for our trees! Paul and I had just gotten a baby backpack so that we could have Heath come with us, and he didn't mind it! After about an hour of traipsing around in the snow, we found one that we both liked! Paul used the chain saw to cut it down (but I did help trim it) and we drug it back to the truck.

I was pretty surprised at how well Heath did, he is quite the wiggle worm, and has to be moving all the time. I was worried about him being in the backpack for awhile, but he did great!

After we all found our trees, we went down to warm up and eat some awesome chili and hot coaco. After we got fed and changed into dry clothes, we packed everything up, tied it all down, and left for home!

Paul had a good time, can you tell?

When we got home, we had a fun time decorating it with tons of lights, and a few ornaments....

It's so pretty lit up! I love this tradition with Paul's family, it really is something I look forward to all year!

We also got to see a TON of Jay and Anna while they were here, and I think we got them hooked on Guitar Hero....

Here they are, battling each other! Anna picked it up pretty quick, and Jay did really well too! Woohoo for Guitar Hero!

Heath has also turned 9 months old, and I can't believe how grown up and funny he is! He goes up the stairs now, so fast its hard to believe! He is eating so much, and loves trying new foods, but I must say, his favorite is still bananas!

here he is enjoying some lasagna....he loved it, just like his daddy!

such a happy boy!

He is so silly, he starts laughing when I dance with him, or I will count to 3, then tickle him! I do that quite often, and now when he hears me say "oooooone, twooooo, THREE!" he starts giggling before I even touch him! It's so cute, and I always end up laughing harder than he does! I am absolutely stoked for Christmas this year, and can't wait to see my boy open presents! I have become fully aware of how blessed I am to have such an amazing family!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

more cute pictures....

His modeling picture

look at those eyes!

big cheesy smile

and he owns my heart!

Love my baby...I little boy!

Monday, November 16, 2009

8 months and 10 days....

So this week, Paul left on a business trip, and Heath and I have been spending some quality time together. Not that I don't spend time with him every day, but its different when it's just the two of us in the house. I can't believe what a good boy he is, and how easy it is to be his mom (most of the time). I got some funny shots of him interacting with himself in the mirror...

He was confused, he could see 2 of me

kissing himself

He loves the mirror!

And I love waiting for him to wake up from his nap, he will usually just talk to himself til I come in, or sometimes he "calls" for me, and says "mama" over and over til I come's so adorable!

such a happy boy when he wakes up

Heath's favorite doggy, Izze, who loves to get him up too

I walked in and his legs were stuck! And he thought it was funny!

Look at that crazy morning hair!

He is such a fun little boy, and is crawling all over the place and pulling himself up onto EVERYTHING! He will be walking soon, and that blows my mind! This is such a fun age, he is exploring the world and starting to be so independent. He is changing every day, getting so tall, and he eats like a pig! He loves bananas, and will eat any veggie I give him without complaint...except for peas. For some reason he doesn't like them (like his daddy). Paul has been gone for about 10 days, we miss him, but it will be so good to have him home soon!

We are so excited for the holidays this year! We are going to Ben and Julia's new house for dinner and socializing, and then my grandparents for dessert and socializing. Sometimes its hard trying to get everywhere and see everybody during this time of the year, but somehow we make it all work, and get to spend a little time with everyone. I can't wait for Christmas, it will be Heath's first one, and I'm so excited to see him open presents! I know he won't care, but I still can't wait!

Little sister time was really fun, they spent about 10 days here, and we really had a good time! They said they didn't want to leave, which was really sweet. They are such good girls, and I appreciate all the help they lend! Love you girlies!

Well, better go fix some dinner for the Heath-nater and I, more later.....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


gotta keep some sense of privacy

big grin, playing with his bubbles

he loves the bath!

Look at that happy face! I just love giving Heath a bath, he gets so excited when he hears the water running, and starts kicking his legs like he's trying to swim. He splashes and plays in the water, sometimes even gets bubbles, and thinks its great fun! He is too funny....

So my sisters have been here for a couple days, and we are having a blast! They have come to stay with us while my parents are out of town for their anniversary. They are such good girls, and I love having them around. Its a little bit of driving everyday to get them to and from school, but its not too bad, and Izze LOVES them! She gets so sad when we leave for school and I come back without them, and she whines at their bedroom doors til I let her in and she curls up on their beds. Sad huh! But she loves it when I leave to get them, and she jumps all over them, it's too cute. Well, I better keep this short, I can hear Heath talking in his bad, ready to get up for lunch, more later...

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bowling and bruises

So this weekend was pretty fun, Paul and I got to go out on a date, just the two of us, and we had a great time! We went with my best friend Jenny, and her boyfriend Cameron, and it was so nice to have some adult conversation! I feel like I speak baby all day every day, and don't get me wrong, it is great fun, but I do enjoy talking in a normal pitched voice, with some actual English words here and there every once in awhile....haha. Anyway, we all went to Noodles & Co for dinner, and then went bowling at Fat Cats. We played 2 games, and I got a better score the last time, and even beat Paul! It was so fun to get out and reconnect with him.

such a fun night!

Paul bowling

and me beating him on the last game!

Earlier this week, we went to the zoo to do their annual Boo at the Zoo, its where you can go dressed up in your costumes, and the kids all trick-or-treat around the zoo. It was fun, in spite of the cold temperature and RAIN!!! Wow it was so wet, and I had definitely not prepared myself for it! But before we left, we went to go pick my sisters, and I decided that I wasn't having enough excitement in my life, and fell down the stairs at my moms house! It was pretty scary, and hurt pretty is the evidence of my losing fight with the stairs!

my smallest one

the medium sized one

and the big one! That one is a good 3 or 4 inches long...

Crazy huh!! Not to mention, my knee, foot and tailbone all hurting as well....yeah crazy! Anyway, on a happier note, I got some funny shots of the Heath-nater eating some dinner....

ready for dinner!

and licking the bowl

what a funny boy!

He gets so excited when he sees me come in with his bowl of food, he knows whats in there! He's doing so well with veggies, I am so proud of him! Although he does take after his dad with peas....not a big fan! But he LOVES bananas, just reassuring me that he is a monkey! I love him so much! Well, gotta go fix dinner, more later!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Zoo and Gardner Village this week has been pretty busy, but so fun! Paul, Heath and I went to the zoo with some of our friends, actually our neighbors who live across the street from us, and had a great time! Heath loves Izze, our puppy, and he gets so excited when she comes in the room to play with him, so I figured he would like all the animals at the zoo, and boy, did he! He looked at the penguins, the monkeys, the tigers, and the bears! It was pretty fun to watch him. We rode the carousel, saw some pretty cool birds, and he tried cotton candy for the first time, WOW! He wasn't sure at first, because it kept disappearing in his mouth, but was sweet and wanted more! But mommy is a Nazi and said no....oh well....anyway, we had a blast with our friends, and look forward to visiting the animals again!

the cute penguins!

he loves his daddy!

look at his bottom lip....this is new! and he does it all the time!

He's as big as a baby gorilla

My cute family!

We decided to have a Heath and mommy day, and we went to Gardner Village, a cute little place with a fabulous restaurant, tons of fun shopping, and just a great atmosphere! We went with my mom, and had a blast. Its my favorite place to visit in the fall, and is decorated so cute, with lots of fun different witches, and hay and pumpkins. I got some great pictures of Heath with some fun friends.....

a HUGE witch!

playing in the hay!

another fun witch

he is such a STUD!

what a handsome boy!

So much fun! He is such a funny boy, and we had a great time! And no, he doesn't stand on his own yet, but he does pretty well at leaning against the wall, and I am never far away....oh....and here are a couple funny picture of my goofball husband....

yes, he is 5 years old....

racing up and down the street

So much concentration!

I came to his work to get the stroller out of his car, and walked into his shop and saw him riding this tricycle around! I asked him, "Is THIS what you do all day here???" and he replied, with a giggle, "No, I was just riding it for a minute!".....who knows how long he has been having fun at work!! Ha ha what a goober! And I am so lucky to have him!

And right now, I can feel the house shaking, from the TV sub-woofer....Paul is watching Transformers 2, so I will go join him! more later....

Saturday, October 17, 2009

crazy week.....

So, this week it turns out I have been fighting first I thought it was just the same cold that Paul has been fighting all week, but my symptoms were a little different than his. I have had ABSOLUTELY no energy, my muscles are so sore and achy, and I haven't been eating very well. I am still feeling the effects and its not fun! Poor Paul, when he first talked to Lynn to see what it might be, she said that it could've been Swine Flu, and he was pretty nervous, but when she examined me, she said it was probably just the Adno-virus that has been going around, thank goodness! I'm so glad to have a husband who worries about me. My days are so messed up, I have been sleeping in really wierd patterns and some days I don't know which end is up, it's pretty pathetic. And there really isn't anything you can do to make it go away, just take it easy, which is pretty difficult when you have a 7 month old energy ball to take care of. Thankfully, Heath's grandma's were willing to take him for the day to play! So thank you to Lynn and Mom! I so appreciate it! But today, I just noticed that Heath has a runny nose, and I'm hoping he doesn't get sick....stupid germ bugs.....
Anyway, tonight (if I am feeling up to it and can make it that long) we are going to Paul's uncle's wedding. Bryce and Dawna are getting married, after 2 long years of dating! YAY!! Such a happy day, and Bryce's son, Paul's favorite cousin Adam will be there! He just got back from his mission, and we are so happy to have him home. He missed Jenna's wedding, but I'm so glad he will be here for his dad's.

I just love taking pictures of Heath, he is so photogenic, and such a goofball! Here are some that we've taken recently, some on family trips, some just goofing off at home.....

He makes me laugh every day! What a goober! Anyway, off to take a nap so we can go tonight!