Friday, January 29, 2010


I love his face in this one, he is such a goober!

He likes playing with Izze, and will laugh so hard when she tries to take his socks off....

I just had to put this one up, mainly because he doesn't fit in this anymore! :( Kevin and Christie got this tux for Cade when we got married, and they sent it to us. I think he is so stinkin handsome in it! Look at those BLUE eyes! He doesn't like it so much as you can tell...haha

He is getting so big, and cruises around so fast! I love watching his little butt waddle as he tries to crawl away from me as fast as he can, its too funny. He now knows how to flush the toilet, go up the stairs fast enough that I won't know where he is until I hear him in our bedroom upstairs, and will eat 2 jars of baby food, crackers, and still whine for our food! He is just growing so fast and wants to be a big boy.
I still have not taken him for a haircut, although he badly needs one, he is starting to get little curly wings behind his ears, that I'm sure will soon turn into a mullet....and we can't have that...but I'm not brave enough for that yet...maybe on his birthday...
Which brings me boy will be a year old in 5 weeks! Oh man, I'm not ready for this! I can not believe how fast this first year has gone, and yet, I am so excited too! He is so smart and I just love being his mom. He says Dada too, but Paul has yet to hear it. I try so hard to get him to say it on the phone for Paul, but he just won't. I think he's waiting to say it to Paul in person. Paul has been gone for about a week now, so I kind of feel like a single mom. He did get a webcam for us though, so we can video chat and he can see Heath, so that is nice.

I also wanted to give a shout out to Christen Snow and tell her how much I miss her. She has been such a great friend to me over the years, I think I've known her for 5 or 6 years. We met at Noodles & Co where we both worked for awhile. She has moved to Washington D.C. with her cute hubby Josh and adorable son Henry, so Josh can go to law school, and we miss them tons. Love you guys!

I also wanted to tell my Mom and Dad and sisters, and all of my wonderful in-laws how much I appreciate and love them. I am so lucky to have come from and married into such a wonderful family who really cares about us! We really are blessed.

And to all of you who read this blog, thank you. This has kind of become my public journal, and I appreciate all of you who take the time to read my life. Thank you and good night! :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


So, last weekend was quite interesting! It started out well, with my little sister, Lena's, birthday! She is now 15 going on 21, so grown up and adorable! We went to Classic Skating on Saturday, the 9th, to skate and have a good time! It was fun, until I heard Dad do his famous "hockey stop". Now, my dad is so graceful on his skates, he's been doing it for 20+ years, and is really so good at it! So, I hear him do his hockey stop, where you stop really fast by turning fast and shifting your weight so you don't fall over. This kind of stop makes kind of a loud skidding sound.
I hear this and look up over at my dad. He is sitting on the step that separates the main walking floor with the skate floor. My first thought is "Oh he's just resting there for a minute", but as I keep watching him, he starts rocking back and forth and has his left leg raised up. At that point I know he is hurt and I run over to see what happened. I ask him if he's ok, and his reply was "Um no, I think I broke my ankle." Very calm and collected. I run over to my mom and tell her what he just told me, and she says "Are you serious??" Uh, yeah Mom, I'm not lying to you! While she comes over to look at him, I run and grab some ice to put on his "swollen" ankle, which I later found out was not swelling, but the actual bone poking out. It didn't break his skin, thank goodness, or I probably would have thrown up on him!
So I grab the ice, and run over to the manager, who I know from working there a few years ago, and let him know what happened. So he comes over with a makeshift ankle brace and a wheelchair to get my dad out to the car. Mom and Dad go to the hospital, and the doctors tell him that from the X-ray, it looks like he broke both the tibia and fibia bones, which are the 2 bones in your lower leg connecting your knee to your foot, and also dislocated the actual ankle! Poor guy, he was in so much pain and was such a trooper, but he didn't panic, which was good because it might have made us all panic. Later I also found out he thinks this happened because there was something on the floor that stopped his left foot too quickly, and that's why he fell.
The surgeon was not there to put it back together (which I found interesting, isn't there supposed to be one "on call"?) so they set it, wrapped it up, and sent him home....WHAT? Sent him home? Yeah, and with Lortab.....your kidding right? Lortab? Thats for when you get your wisdom teeth pulled out, not a floppy broken ankle! Yeah, I was pretty upset. He went home, and Sunday morning, the 10th and Lena's birthday, Mom called me and said that she was taking him back, because he was in so much pain (duh, stupid doctors). They put him on a morphine drip, and kept him there overnight for observation. My sisters ended up spending a couple nights here, which they were excited about.
Monday morning the 11th he went in for surgery (finally!) and it took them 2 and a half hours to put in a metal plate and some screws to get his ankle back where it needed to be. Mom said he was pretty funny afterwards, waking up from anesthesia saying things like " the meaning of life is 42", and asking her " do you think the doctors have any experience with Legos?" HAHA, funny stuff Dad!

So he is now home, and doing pretty good! He has a walker, crutches, and a now I can make fun of him, saying he's an old Grampy now! He does pretty well getting around, and he is pretty happy as long as he has his pain meds. I love my dad, and I am so glad he is ok. Thank you to all who have sent their prayers and thoughts his way, we are so grateful for the support and love! Get better Daddy!

On another note, Heath has now cut his two top teeth! He is so cute with them, and loves to smile a big cheesy grin to show you his teeth. He also now recognizes his name, and will look up at me when I say it, so cute! Paul has a couple of jobs coming up, and is excited that things are picking up a bit for him. He leaves this Sunday, and will be gone for about 2 weeks, so if anyone wants to do something, Heath and I would love the company! We love Paul, and are grateful that he has been able to go to work everyday, but he is excited to travel and make some money. Its almost harder to have him home for longer periods of time in between jobs, it makes it that much harder when he does leave. I still cry every time I drop him off at work before he leaves on a trip. But again, we are grateful for work. It allows me to stay home with Heath.
Although I do try to help out in more ways than one. I do get paid to donate plasma, which is the fatty, blood-clotting substance in your blood. Its kind of like kidney dialysis, where they hook you up to a machine that cleans your blood and gives it back to you, but with doing plasma, it takes your blood, spins it really fast and the plasma separates from the blood. The plasma goes in a bottle, and your blood gets returned to you. They use the plasma to help hemophiliacs. A hemophiliac is someone who has a condition in which their blood doesn't clot, so if they get a cut, they would bleed to death. Its pretty serious, and the plasma is used to treat them. So I am helping here by making a little money, and I'm also helping someone else who has a serious condition. And, I get a couple hours to myself to read or watch a movie. Its pretty rewarding.
So far, 2010 has proven to be exciting, and I hope it stays that way! I have made a New Years resolution to get healthy and lose some weight, and have been doing really well! I have lost 8 lbs, and it really has been a fun challenge. Just changing what, when and how I eat has made a big difference, and I also jog early in the morning about 3 or 4 times a week. I am also looking for a good deal on rec center memberships, specifically for swimming, because I have heard that swimming is one of the only sports that you use all of your muscles at the same time, and its no-impact. This is a really big deal for me, and I am excited to keep going! If anyone wants to join me, it would be fun to have someone to push and to push me!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!!

This years New Years party was awesome! Pops and Lynn were out of town visiting Kevin and Christie, who also sent us a box full of New Years stuff, and they gave us permission to have our party at their house.We had a bunch of games, both video and board games, tons of yummy food, and lots of good friends! Some of Paul's friends, a couple of my friends and some of my family. My dad kind of turned into a little kid, we actually got him to play Guitar Hero and Rock Band, and he picked it up pretty quick! Go Dad!

everyone playing Rock Band

Dad gettin down on Guitar Hero!

Dad learning the guitar and rhythm

We all rang in the new year with Martinellis, and some of us went outside and banged pots and pans, and made a bunch of noise using all the fun noise makers from Kevin and Christie! It really was such a blast, and thank you to all who came and made it such a fun night! Bring on 2010!

Here is a couple of funny picture of Heath being a cheeseball....

He just thinks he is so funny....

Heath showing me his "touchdown"

Heath will be a year old in just 2 months...I can't believe how much he is growing and learning. He has new funnies too, lately he likes to shake his head no back and forth really fast, that one is pretty funny. He also will use the back of his hand and tap his mouth, sounding like an Indian, too cute! And he claps his hands, and giggles so hard when I play peek-a-boo. He is so close to walking, and gets braver every day. He will walk along side me and only use one of his hands to hold onto mine. It will be so cool when he starts walking by himself!

The holidays were so much fun, and we had a blast celebrating for the first time with Heath. It really reminds me how blessed we are to have such a beautiful, healthy family! I love my family so much, and every day is a blessing! Here's to 2010, may it be full of love, happiness and blessings!


We had such a great Christmas this year! It was so fun watching Heath open presents and enjoy all of his fun toys! On the 23rd, we went over to my parents house to do Christmas, and it was so fun! Paul and I had made new blankets for everyone, and I think they really liked them!

Lena, Hope and Mom with their blankets

Dad and his BYU blanket

Heath's cool TAPOUT shirt from Uncle Geoff

me loving the surprise pictures of Heath

Paul opening his gifts

We decided to stay home on Christmas day and have our own family Christmas. It was alot of fun, seeing Heath rip open the wrapping paper and play with his toys.

Heath and daddy on Christmas morning

Mommy and Heath with his cool new motorcross shirt

his goofy face. I think he was kinda sleepy.....

His cute outfit from Kevin and Christie, thanks guys!

Later that day, Pops and Lynn came over with a bunch more gifts for us! After they left, we relaxed for a bit, and then had Pat and Wendy come over that evening for dinner. She brought another slew of gifts! I can't believe how much we are loved and blessed!

Heath's cool new sled from Grandma

riding around in his sled

Grandma Pat hanging out with us

Heath and his goofy self

Daddy getting Heath set up in his cool sled