Monday, November 8, 2010

Fall 2010 family pictures

We got our family pictures taken this year by my wonderful dad...doesn't he do a great job? Heath's faces are deceiving...he was not happy most of the time, didn't want to sit still, didn't want to smile, just wasn't in the mood for pictures, but you couldn't tell with these! My dad did such a great job getting him to look and smile!

This one is my favorite of all of us.

I absolutely love Heath's face...he is such a goober!

This one was fun to shoot, Heath went down all by himself, and was having a good time!

Heath laughing while we threw leaves at him!

We were trying to get him to giggle, and this worked!

Just looking at Grampy and showing his cute silly face, while Mom and Dad look at him with adoring eyes.

This just shows how incredibly happy I am with this man. I am so lucky to have found someone who is so loving, kind, willing to work, and such an amazing husband and father. Heath is as crazy about him as I am! Paul comes home in a few days from a 3 week trip, and it will be so nice to be with him. Both Heath and I have missed him so much, and it will be so good to have him home! I am so blessed with my family, and I don't ever forget it! I love my boys!

I also think about how much Heath has grown. He will be 2 in just 3 and a half months, and it blows me away to think about that! He has been saying more words lately, like Izze, who is our dog, Mom, bye bye, and my favorite, EW! Its so funny, when he throws something away, he says eewww, like its the grossest thing he has ever done, and it cracks me up every time! He has been making friends around our neighborhood, and he loves playing with his cousins! He is very good at sharing his toys, and learning to not throw tantrums, but to ask me for what he needs. I try to stop his tantrum before he really freaks out, and just tell him, quietly, to show me what he wants, and it seems to work!

He is also a VERY good helper, which is so much like his Daddy. He loves to help me fold laundry, put dishes away, and get Izze's food. He especially loves being outside, and will get excited if I suggest getting his jacket and hat on. He is learning to give kisses with his lips, instead of huge, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses, and knows just about every body part. He loves to sing with me, especially the ABC's, and he loves fruit and vegetables! He really is such a good kid, and I am proud to be his mommy! Anyway, that is all for now, happy holidays everyone, and enjoy life!