Thursday, March 17, 2011


We had such a GREAT time on our Mexican Riviera cruise! We went to Puerta Vallerta and Cabo San Lucas, and the sun was AMAZING! I wasn't able to do much, due to the fact that I am expecting! But it was still nice to enjoy my family and the warm sun. This was our Christmas present from my parents, and it was a blast!

This is Heath and I in our beautiful room, we got to have a window because they consider Heath a full person, so he slept on the pull out couch. Made me happy that he has been in a regular bed for awhile, so he was used to the height and no railing :)

Here we are swimming in the ocean-filled pool, Heath did not like getting his face wet, and licking all that salt water made him gag a little bit, but he LOVED his floaties and had a great time swimming!

more swimming

Here is Lena, she was brave and got in too, and I look a little silly...teehee

Here is Heath walking towards Daddy, and wanting to rinse off in the fresh water shower. He loved jumping in the water to me, and giggling.

Here we are in Puerta Vallerta, I just had to get a cool picture of us on the map. We had an excursion planned here, but unfortunately, due to poor planning, we weren't able to go on it :( It was supposed to be a pirate adventure, with all of us going on a cool pirate ship with lunch, but they did not plan for the 3 cruise ships that were docked, and we ended up sitting for 2 hours. Now, with an almost 2 year old, and being pregnant, it was exhausting and HOT! Thank goodness for amazing husbands with lots of energy! Paul walked around with Heath for the longest time, keeping him occupied. We ended up getting tired of waiting, got our money back, went shopping at the little shops, and got back on the ship for lunch and naps.

Heath LOVED putting on sunscreen, and thanks to that, he had NO sunburns! Good boy!

Sitting in front of the ship after shopping, waiting for everyone else to get back on.

One last picture before we say goodbye!

Here is one good picture of Heath at dinner time...he really had a hard time with dinner, and would do the 6 o'clock tantrum, every...single...night! It was so hard to keep him happy, he just didn't want to eat and be happy. And the thing was, our dinner table was more of your formal dining than just grabbing a hamburger on the outdoor deck. We all ate such good food, delicious fresh fruit, awesome fish and shrimp (none for Paul, obviously) and yummy steak and chicken! Not to mention at LEAST 2 desserts! It really was so fun! AND, I came home, expecting to have gained at LEAST 10 lbs...nope! Only 2! Wow was I surprised!

My sisters got to do some awesome stuff, and I am SO glad they had a good time. Hope and my dad got to play with dolphins, swimming with them, and teaching them some new tricks! Paul, Hope and Lena got to go parasailing, and according to them, the girls got twice the ride than anyone else! Lena and Paul went deep sea fishing, but didn't catch much. Heath and I did alot of walking around and shopping, and just enjoying not having to be anywhere! He did really well napping, and he loved being outside!

I don't have pictures up yet of Cabo, but I will get those up ASAP.