Tuesday, June 8, 2010

For Sale!

I know this is kind of lame, to put a for sale as a blog post...but oh well! We are selling my 2002 Oldsmobile Alero. Its silver, has 120.000 miles on it, brand new windshield, low profile tires that still have good wear on them, some cool chrome rims that look awesome shined up! Its also got a black bra, an after market stereo, with a remote control and hidden Ipod hook up in the center console. We are asking $4,700. If anybody knows anyone that needs a cute car to drive, let me know!This ad is also on KSL.

the back passenger side
the back drivers side
front passenger side
front drivers side

The only reason we are selling is because we bought a new car! Well, new for us. Its a 2004 Saturn Vue, and I absolutely love it! We needed something that was easier to get Heath in and out of, we kept bumping his head, and in case we decide to expand our family, there will be more room! We would keep my car, but we paid cash for my Vue, so we just want to sell mine for a little extra money. It really is fun, and a cute car! Let me know if you know anyone that wants it! Thanks for reading!