Saturday, November 26, 2011

Family pics 2011

YAY! This is probably my favorite part of the year, getting family pictures taken for Christmas cards! Rory and Heath did so great, Heath was so patient and happy, I was thrilled at what we got out of them!!

This is the Christmas card going out, I love it!

My absolute favorite of all my boys!

Awesome head shot of this boy is handsome!

And a great one of Rory's smile...I am in LOVE!

This is my favorite one of them both! Rory is like "whatcha doin' Heath?" and Heath's face is "whatcha doin Mom?" just too cute!

And of course had to get a cute one of Paul and I...I am so madly in love with this man!

And last but not least, my little Santa man!
I am thinking the next GAP baby...what do you think?