Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wedding, Tuahcahn and more bridals

I know that it's been over a month since my last post, but we have been so busy! To start off with, my best friend got married July 8th! It was a perfect day, and she looked beautiful! I know these pictures are a little small...but oh well.

This is Jenny and Cameron, and the 3 of us.
My beautiful best friend
This year's McMillan family trip to Tuacahn St. George was so awesome! We went boating at Sand Hollow, and the water was shallow and warm! Which is fun to play in, but also makes for some fierce swimmer's itch. Swimmer's itch is a reaction to tiny parasite bites. These parasite love the warm water, and they just hang out, waiting for legs to bite. It doesn't hurt until you get home, and your legs are covered in little red itchy bumps. I got a mild case of it, probably 20 or 30 bites, but poor Paul got the worst of it, over 180 all over his body! We counted! He went and got some anti-itch cream, and we counted each one as I put it all over him, poor guy! Heath was just fine, he didn't get any at all, thank goodness! He had a great time playing in the water, and we took him on a VERY slow ride on our big 3 man tube. He thought it was awesome, and got upset when we took him off. He loves water, and it was so fun to watch him play in the sand and little waves.

This year's plays at Tuacahn were Tarzan and Cats. I love the Disney Tarzan movie, and was so excited to see it come to life on stage! They did a ton of acrobatics and tumbling, as well as aerial stunts, like swinging over the audience's heads! Wow it was so fun! I didn't get any pictures at the Tarzan play, sadly, but we did get some of the cats from Cats. I didn't really get Cats, I have never seen it, and didn't really understand the storyline, until at the intermission we read the program and it kind of explained that it's about living a good life, and making a difference in the world. After that, it was more enjoyable! And the makeup was phenomenal!

Me, Wendy and Shawn with a couple of the Cats characters, super fun!

Wendy, me and Shawn with my favorite character. I don't remember his name, but he was very Elvis-like, and the most fun to watch!

We had a great time at Tuacahn, and are so grateful for this family vacation that we look forward to every year!

And now, more bridals! These are just a couple of the bridal pictures of my friend that got married on July 31st. She asked me to do her hair and makeup, and I had such a great time! I didn't take the pictures, just did her hair and makeup. She looked so beautiful, and it was such a great day! I am starting to put together a portfolio of all the bridals that I have done, and its so fun to see my friends so happy with how they look! I put a lot of work into doing bridals and weddings, and it's such a great feeling when it pays off! Again, sorry the pictures are small, but you can find the bigger size on my Facebook page.

Courtney loving her flowers

beautiful black and white pose

the back of her dress and hair, she got these taken at the Capitol

She looked so beautiful on her wedding day, and I am so happy for her!

Heath is learning and growing every day, and now knows how to sign 12 words!
He can sign please, thank you, more, milk, cookie, cheese, banana, eat, which he will also do as hungry, mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa, and is learning more every day! He will also give me "knuckles" which is so cute! He doesn't say many words, but he understands everything I say, and will show me what he wants by signing! It's so fun to see him learn new words, and he loves it too! He thinks its a game.
We are all doing well, and we are all excited for Jay and Anna to get married in September. That's all for now, more later...