Monday, April 9, 2012

Heath is 3!

I simply can't believe that my firstborn son is 3 years old! We had a fabulous time celebrating his birthday! First, came the friend party at the Living Planet Aquarium. Zac, Parker and Jaxxon were able to come and be with Heath at his cool party! We got to have an awesome party room that was a sunken pirate ship, with a wall of fish separating the room from the rest of the Aquarium.

Here are the boys looking at an anaconda!

His friends got a goodie bag to take home, and decided to open them and play with the jumping frogs. Here they are racing each other.

Heath's awesome Nemo cake that he picked out, which I felt appropriate for the environment!

Blowing out the candles after getting sung to by his friends!

Getting ready to open presents!

Opening his gifts from his friends!
We had such a great time! Thank you to all who came and celebrated! Nana and Grandma came too!

The next Sunday we had a little family party with the McMillans, I didn't get any pics of that, but we had fun there too!

Here we are on his actual birthday, March 6th at Chuck E. Cheese

He loves his Daddy!

Riding this cool truck!

Opening his Jessie doll, and so excited about it! He now has Woody, Jessie, Buzz, Hamm, Mr. Potato head and a regular slinky that he call "Slinky dog" and they all must be in bed with him when he goes to sleep :)

He is such a great kid, and I am thankful for him every day! He is 38 lbs, in the 93% for weight, and 40.3 inches tall, in the 95% for height! He hates eating dinner, which I find weird! He loves his brother, and tells me all the time "baby Rory is so cute!" he is a very sensitive boy, and can get his feelings hurt easily. He is now potty trained, except for at night, but rarely has accidents, and I love washing his cute underwear! He also says hilarious things! He has a cousin named Phineas, and we were watching a video of him, and I said "hey Heath! He's your cousin, and his name is Phineas!" And he looks at me and says "and beyond?" He loves Toy Story, and asks to watch one of the 3 movies every day! He absolutely ADORES his dad, and asks to help him with everything! He waves goodbye to him every morning and says "bye Daddy! See you for dinner!" He loves to help me too, and one day I put him down for a nap and started some laundry, and he "caught" me doing laundry without him! He got kind of mad, and the next day, while I was putting him down, he looks at me, with a serious-as-a-heart-attack face and says "Don't do the laundry!" I busted laughing, finding it hilarious that I was just "grounded" from doing laundry! He says something funny every day, and I have to be better about writing them down so we can laugh about it when he gets older :) I love my little monkey, and think he is the greatest! MUAH little man!


  1. so so so so so so so adorable! What a fun birthday! Cant wait to play!

  2. What a fun little guy! His comment about mixing up Phineas' name with Infinity made me laugh SO hard! Too cute.

  3. Oh my goodness. What a cute post and cute boy you have! I love the funny things kids say! P.S. You look SOOO cute in the picture of you and Heath when he's opening his presents. Happy 3rd birthday Heath!!