Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rest in Peace Brynn Barton...

I just found out a girl I went to school with died last night in a hit and run. She was riding bikes with a group of friends, and someone in a black VW Jetta or Passat hit her, and took off. She died at the scene. I am completely in shock and disbelief, if ANYONE sees a black Jetta or Passat with front end damage, PLEASE write down the plate number and call SLPD. Her friends and family will be in my prayers. The link is on for her story. Please be on the lookout, her family needs justice.


  1. Oh my word that is so AWFUL! I can't believe it was a hit and run. That just makes me sick. I'm so sorry for your friend and her family and for all those who knew her and now have to mourn her loss. Hopefully this person will be found.

  2. So very sad. I feel for that family, and everyone who knew her. Death is hard when you have time to prepare yourself for it...I will pray for them. And I hope you are okay. XOXOXO